• First Asia Merchants Bullion Limited
    The Chinese Gold & Silver Exchange Bullion Group Type AA License (No. 114) Money Lender’s Licence No.:1423/2021
    First Asia Merchants Bullion Limited (“First Gold”), previously known as Weal & Well Bullion, was established in Hong Kong in 1991. First Gold, a bullion group member of The Chinese Gold & Silver Exchange (CGSE) with the membership number 114 (Type AA License), is a CGSE accredited gold refinery, including 9999 One Kilo Gold and Five Taels Gold. In addition, First Gold is recognized e-trading member, specializing in Renminbi Kilobar Gold, 99 Taels Gold, spot gold and silver trading. It has been providing professional and reliable bullion trading services to its clients in the globe, accumulating a wealth of experience over the years.

    First Gold strives to enhance client’s ability to instantly capture golden investment opportunities by ensuring its clients receive excellent, high quality and accurate trading information in a prompt manner.

    First Gold is the first financial institute in Hong Kong recognize by China UnionPay because of our ability and mutual trust, our two organizations commenced cooperation since 2009. Due to our cooperation with China UnionPay, we have further increased our client’s convenience in making payment.

    In an effort to build a sound social credit system in China, First Gold cooperates with China Credit Research Center of Peking University to jointly set up Institute of Credit and Law (ICL). The institute is aimed to offer all-rounded theoretical support and opportunities to serve by inheriting the attitudes of hardworking, sincereness, pragmatism and innovation which are the traditions of the University.

  • Well & Well Financial Holdings Group
    As one of the leading diversified groups in the globe, Well & Well Financial Holdings Group has constantly striven to be a professionally managed, prudent, internationally respected and flexible group dedicated to fulfilling the ever-changing needs of its customers and promoting the development and prosperity of the region.

    To satisfy these goals, and thereby ensure the long-term success of theWell & Well Financial Holdings Group, we devote ourselves to upholding the following standards of personal and corporate services, performance and accountability:

    • To anticipate, understand, appreciate and satisfy the needs of all of our existing and potential customers.
    • To provide a comprehensive range of competitive, high quality products and services.
    • To build and extensive and efficient network of local and overseas branches and operations.
    • To foster a productive and pleasant working environment and atmosphere conducive to optimum staff performance.
    • To maximize the Group’s profitability through corporate diversification and expansion, thereby maintaining a respectable return on shareholder equity.

    We will provide our clients a consistent positive experience at every point of contact with our financial advisors. This positive experience is founded on the high quality of our advisory process through listening, developing and exploring, executing and monitoring performance. With strong back up from our research team, our financial advisors can provide investment recommendations to investors based on the needs and risk tolerance of each individual investor.

    Social Responsibility
    “To give is better than to receive” is our company’s belief. Members ofWell & Well Financial Holdings Group not only dedicate 100% of themselves to ensure best service is delivered to our esteemed clients, but also enthusiastically participate in different kinds of group or individual charity and social servicing activities to help people at different strata of the society.
  • Shenzhen Qianhai First Asia Merchants Bullion Limited
    Shenzhen Qianhai First Asia Merchants Bullion Limited is established under the guidance of The Chinese Gold & Silver Exchange Society (CGSE) and Qianhai Authority. The milestone reveals that the group has determined long-term business development in China. Apart from the CGSE accredited business, the group is also enabled to provide precious metal online trading platform. Industrial and Commercial Bank of China (ICBC) will be responsible for the clearing of physical gold and the settlement of funds in which clients’ investments are under close monitoring and custody to ensure the safety of investor’s funds.
  • Cloud Top Financial Consultants Limited
    Cloud Top Financial Consultants Limited (“Cloud Top Financial”) specializes in promoting First Gold Independent Brokers (IB) business around the globe. Clients’ investments are still under the close monitoring and custody of First Gold, to ensure the safety of investor funds.

    Through Cloud Top Financial, IBs can recommend clients from all over the world to register through First Gold’s online investment account where they can conveniently handle and control clients’ investments.
  • Well & Well Finance Limited
    (Money Lender's Licence No.:0549/2017)
    Well & Well Finance Limited was incorporated in Hong Kong in 1990. It mainly involves in providing credit facility services to institutional clients, including personal loans, overdraft facilities and home mortgage, etc.

    Our professional teams are committed in providing a wide range of innovative products and services to our clients with high level of convenience.
  • Excellent Development (Thailand) Company Limited
    Excellent Development (Thailand) Company Limited is a property developer and real estate agency in Thailand, providing rental and agency services for local properties including a self-owned property called Payatai Plaza.

    This plaza, comprising a 38-storey office tower and an adjoining 25-storey luxury residential building, is conveniently located in the heart of Bangkok City, also elaborately placed with a famous property management company to manage the daily matters of the building. The Payatai Plaza is next to the MBK shopping mall and Victory Monument, thus it is very conveniently located while easily accessible to and from all directions. For transportation, a sky train and airport express are located nearby the building providing further convenience to the traveler or local residents. In addition, Bangkok Bank Public Company Limited is also located in this area.
  • First Gold Charity Fund
    Established in 2016, the First Gold Charity Fund adheres to the spirit of First Gold, in fulfilling social responsibility and caring about public affairs. The First Gold Charity Fund actively promotes long-term development of the services so as to provide suitable assistances to the beneficiaries, and care services to those in need. Having the belief in "Sharing love, giving love, having love—To Be Love", the First Gold Charity Fund leads the communities to love without boundaries, to extend the spirit of selflessness and to create a harmonious world.