• Peking University - China Credit Research Center, Institute of Credit and Law (ICL)
    Institute of Credit and Law, is an institute that is directly under the China Credit Research Center of Peking University. It inherits the hardworking attitude, strictly rule abiding, realism yet strongly innovative in researching and discovering new methods and thoughts from Peking University.

    The institute focuses on studying the basic governance of economic development and its construction, with the accompanying and proportional development of China’s credit and trust foundation. As this institute ultimately aims to assist in building a society of trust, where theoretical support and practice service in the China market can be readily found, referenced on and provided.
  • NextgenWell Fundamental Habit Training Institute Limited - Habits Education Base
    NextgenWell Fundamental Habit Training Institute Limited holds that, all traditional Chinese beliefs and values are derived from the very same essence – the nobleness and excellent nature of mankind. It is our mission to pass on these valuable teachings, along with introducing the effective means to live out these precious values, so that they may continue to flourish and grow all over the world.

    NextgenWell Fundamental Habit Training Institute Limited provides individual and corporate training for adults of all ages. We enlighten and render support to individuals and businesses to strive for success at work, family and in life.
    Habits Education Base, founded in 2011, is an institute providing psychological training for children to learn and develop though groups and games. It encourages children to practice “Good Behavior” and establish “Good Habits” which will enable them to develop physically, mentally and spiritually toward a comprehensive development. Children learn to uphold and develop a good mental attitude by learning good behavior thereby elevating themselves in personal ethics, behavior, and collaborating well with others as model citizens.