5 Tael 9999 Gold Bar Purchase Procedure
Individual Clients or Corporate Clients are welcome to purchase gold bars.
Clients need to pay full amount and additional 10% buffer deposit for purchasing 20 Tael (4 bars) or below
(Company website as reference price).
Clients need to pay HKD 25,000 down payment for each 5 Tael Gold for purchasing 20 Tael (4 bars) or above.
After confirming the payment, clients can inquire about the price or place an order via dealing hotline( For purchasing 4 bars or below, if the payment is less than 95% of the total amount, such orders cannot be executed.
For the remaining payment, clients need to provide deposit receipt before 5:00pm on the next day.
Company issues invoice. Clients obtain gold bar(s) and company refunds excessive payment or clients pay the shortfall. The settlement is then completed.