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First Gold Honorably Attends The CGSE Member' s Annual Dinner 2018 at Invitation 
Sheung Wan

The Hong Kong Chinese Gold & Silver Exchange Society (CGSE) member's Annual Dinner 2018 was held on December 17. The Entertainment Sports and Recreation Awards ceremony also took place during the annual dinner.


Dr. Haywood Cheung, President of CGSE, summarized the development of the financial markets in Hong Kong and around the world in 2018. He motivated members to leverage Hong Kong's advantages as an international financial center, keep building on the strengths while shoulder the responsibilities and adhere to their missions.


The management of First Gold has always encouraged its employees to take part in various types of sports in their leisure time. First Gold representatives have received outstanding results in the sports competition held by CGSE this year, including the champion and the Highest Break Prize of the Snooker Gold & Silver Cup, and the dual second runner-up of the Badminton Doubles Championship. The winners also proceeded to the stage to receive the awards and applause from the members, celebrating the excellent results have been made in the year.


As the New Year approaches, First Gold will continue to lead the market providing professional and innovative services with sincerity through seamless cooperation. First Gold will actively expand the scope of business as well as work shoulder to shoulder with our staff in our march towards the international stage.

First Gold Honorably Attends The CGSE Member' s Annual Dinner 2018 at Invitation