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First Gold Charity Fund Holds the ‘2018 Hong Kong Parkinson’s Patients Seminar 
Hong Kong Conventional and Exhibition Centre

Following last year’s success from a fundraising sale, a charity event co-organized by First Gold and the Hong Kong Parkinson’s Disease Association, the two embarked again on their partnership this year to have volunteers showing the utmost support to the ‘2018 Hong Kong Parkinson’s Patients Symposium’, with the Hong Kong Movement Disorder Society and the Hong Kong Parkinson’s Disease Association as organizer and co-organizer respectively.


At the event, First Gold Charity Fund volunteers, Parkinson’s patients, as well as their friends and relatives served as the Ambassador of the day, greeting guests, facilitating guest reception and maintaining order. In particular, the organizer invited Professor Anne Rosser and Professor Susan Fox, both of whom are leading experts with years of research work on the Parkinson’s disease, to share with the audience on suggested treatments and cell therapy technology to enhance public understanding of the disease. At the end of the seminar, our volunteer team presented cookies and gift vouchers as a token of thanks to the guests and participating patients.


The event has established stronger ties and friendship between First Gold Charity Fund and Parkinson’s patients while bearing witness to the Fund being adhered to the principle of “leading society to help the underprivileged”, making the day exceptionally meaningful for all guests, Parkinson’s patients and volunteers.


The First Gold Charity Fund was established in 2016. With the belief in 'Sharing love, giving love, having love—To Be Love', and the mission of spreading this belief to those around, they call for a concerted effort from people of different backgrounds to love without boundaries. By doing so, they hope to extend the spirit of selflessness and encourage everyone to actively engage in charity activities.

First Gold Charity Fund Holds the ‘2018 Hong Kong Parkinson’s Patients Seminar