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First Gold Participates in “2018 CGSE 3 Men's Basketball Championship” 
Sheung Wan Sports Centre

On July 28, the 2018 CGSE 3 Men's Basketball Championship annually held by The Chinese Gold & Silver Exchange Society was kick-started at Sheung Wan Sports Centre.


It was an intense competition filled with excitement. Just as the referee blew the opening whistle, the First Gold team has been in exceptional form, contesting every inch of the court and aggressively looking for opportunities to attack at every turn. Supporters cheered the team on, creating a superb atmosphere.


The competition drew to a close at the final whistle. In this competition, The First Gold team has demonstrated not only their athletic prowess, but also their impeccable teamwork and sportsmanship, winning the applause of everyone present. From the basketball court to the business world, First Gold will continue to stay as a team and make every endeavor to deliver even more outstanding results.

First Gold Participates in “2018 CGSE 3 Men's Basketball Championship”