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First Gold on TV Tokyo - "The Incredible World!" 
The office and gold refinery of First Gold

TV TOKYO Corporation (TV TOKYO) has featured First Gold on its TV programme - "The Incredible World!" on which the company has walked the Tokyo audiences through the process of gold refinery and gold fineness quick testing, as well as some interesting features of the precious metal. The programme is expected to air on TV TOKYO in May 2018. Stay tuned for more exciting news and industry insights!

First Gold representatives remarked that "Hong Kong is a highly liberal economy which is well-known for its free trade policy, impartial rule of law and excellent geographical conditions, all of which contribute to its established reputation as one of the world’s major offshore Renminbi business centres, as well as the third largest gold market which lies robust market demand and active transactions. These are just some of the many reasons why setting up gold refineries and inspection centers in the first-class financial hub makes a promising investment.”

With its over 30-year history in Hong Kong, First Gold has witnessed and grew together with the significant development of Hong Kong. Accredited by The Chinese Gold & Silver Exchange Society (CGSE), First Gold is a gold refinery which is authorized to cast 1kg and 5 tael gold bars with 999.9 fineness. As a member of the CGSE, First Gold trademark can be legally embossed on gold bars which adhere strictly to the international standard of gold manufacturing in terms of both specifications and fineness. Moving forward, First Gold will commit to further excellence to provide our broad-based investors with professional and quality services.