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First Gold Attends “Finance Magnate London Summit 2017” in London 

Mr. Lawrence Kook, First Gold representative, was invited to attend “Finance Magnate London Summit 2017” and to share the importance and related strategies of risk management with First Gold risk management partner from Michigan, US, on stage. Mr. Kook kicked off the sharing session by comparing trading accounts analysis in risk management as medical check-ups, which First Gold performs these check-ups more often than the industrial standard using top-notch technology, to ensure that the accounts of clients are trading properly based on their experience in a reliable and efficient platform.


During the sharing session, Mr. Kook mentioned that maximizing the benefit of risk management requires good communication with different stakeholders, including clients, Brand Ambassadors, liquidity provider, risk management team, etc., to build a long-standing relationship to gain mutual trust between said parties and First Gold.

First Gold Attends “Finance Magnate London Summit 2017” in London