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6-10 December 2017 - The First Gold Warrior Training Camp 2017 

Keeping abreast of the times, First Gold is expanding its business on a global scale and now more than ever, has a massive demand for talent. With a view to enhance participants’ performance and management skills, First Gold has orchestrated three large-scale training programs since 2015, all of which participants found useful and valuable. Backed by popular demand, in December 2017, First Gold launched a 5-day "First Gold Warrior Training Camp" dedicated to building strong team spirit and fostering professional development among participants.

The comprehensive, inspiring course program has covered multiple kinds of learning. Through a series of training and interactive sessions, participants were able to elevate their mindsets, practice emotion and behavior management and more importantly, apply what is learnt to daily context. In addition, the course was designed to help participants establish a clear career path and life goals, encourage them to fulfill their dreams and ultimately, live a fruitful and flourishing life.

6-10 December 2017 - The First Gold Warrior Training Camp 2017