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First Gold Wishes Everyone a Happy Mid-Autumn Festival 

As the Mid-Autumn Festival is an important traditional festival for all Chinese people around the world, the Mid-Autumn Festival is a good time to gather friends and families to appreciate the beauty of the full moon and the company of each other. To celebrate the Mid-Autumn Festival and express the dearest wishes, First Gold has tailor-made the "First Gold Moon Cake".


Presented in burgundy colour, the mooncake box was designed with traditional Chinese characteristics and a golden First Gold stamped logo, displaying its classical style and elegance. The box decorated with Peony patterns represented happiness and prosperity. Each mooncake was packed in an individual golden gift box with four flavours, including red lotus paste with two yolks, white lotus paste with two yolks, grapefruit with red bean paste and black sesame. First Gold wishes everyone a jolly Mid-Autumn Festival, prospering business and a fruitful year.

First Gold Wishes Everyone a Happy Mid-Autumn Festival