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First Gold Large-scale Training Programme - Golden Sniper 

First Gold representative and an experienced teaching team, led and organised the first training session of the 4-month training programme, called "Golden Sniper", teaching and sharing all his successful practical experiences in financial market from years of success.

The first stage of the "Golden Sniper" training was mainly divided into two aspects. 1. Fundamental Analysis of Financial Market. Taking tax policies proposed by US President Donald Trump, financial regulations, and international political and economic factors as examples, the teaching team specifically explained the impacts of fundamentals on the financial market. 2. Technical Analysis of Financial Market. Combining graphs and various types of financial indicators with theories and practical experiences, the teaching team gave a detailed explanation on how to leverage technical analysis to make accurate judgments while making trading decisions.

During the training, all the excellent "Golden Snipers" learnt how to analyse precisely and professionally, and how to grasp the great investment opportunities in a "quick, powerful and accurate" way. To encourage the trainees to practice their analytical and presentation skills, the training course specially included an interactive exchange session. The trainees were eager to express their opinions on the stage, and at the same time, the teaching team generously shared their insights, creating a vivid and enthusiastic atmosphere.  In the following two weeks, the trainees participated in a simulated trading competition on MT4 with diverse investment portfolios. In addition to recording the reasons for each transaction, they were also asked to write a commentary on gold once a week, allowing them to undertake a comprehensive training. The trainees stated that not only had the course strengthened their market acumen, they had gained practical experiences and improved their presentation skill as well. All of them very much looked forward to the next stage of the training, as well as the exciting and intense knockout!

First Gold Large-scale Training Programme - Golden Sniper