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First Gold Meets with Liquidity Partner in Australia  
Sydney, Australia

Over the past few decades, not only has First Gold laid a strong foundation in the Greater China, but also extended its business all over the globe. For many years, First Gold has been cooperating with international top-notch liquidity providers, for liquidity provision as well as research and development of the latest and reliable trading system. In the rapid growth financial market nowadays, First Gold is well prepared to provide its clients with all-round trading solution.


Thus, First Gold management team met with long-term liquidity partner in Sydney, Australia, to discuss and seek more innovative and reliable liquidity provision projects, mainly for greater protection of clients’ capital. First Gold is determined to explore new business opportunities everywhere in the world, and to engage in research and development for more advanced liquidity provision to continuously bring the clients with fair, just, and open trading solution.

First Gold Meets with Liquidity Partner in Australia