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First Gold Visits Jakarta Futures Exchange in Indonesia 

First Gold was invited to visit Jakarta Futures Exchange, meeting with business partner in Indonesia, to seek more co-operation opportunities, and to bring trading system in line with international standard to ASEAN countries. With 260 million of people, Indonesia has the largest population of the South-east Asian region and large amount of oversea Chinese in the world, providing a market with enormous potential.

Jakarta Future Exchange has large volume and advanced technique in local market, with a mature and transparent operating system to regulate. Moreover, Indonesia has signed memorandum of understanding with various ASEAN countries to prepare for platform integrations, laying a solid foundation for future co-operations in the region. First Gold looks forward to working even more closely, combining the strengths of all parties to lead the emerging market into the international arena to actualize globalization of the financial market.

First Gold Visits Jakarta Futures Exchange in Indonesia