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First Gold Holds "Glamorous Star Night" Featuring International Guests and Celebrities 
Banyan Tree Macau

"Glamorous Star Night" was successfully held by First Gold on 4 November 2017. There were 200 guests in total attending the banquet in finest attire, including First Gold representatives, international guests, partners with long-term cooperation, and Hong Kong celebrities who gave performances at the night. Moreover, Mr. Kitterick Yiu and Ms. Eunice Ho were invited as emcees and both were competent in English, Cantonese and Mandarin.


A line-up of famous celebrities from different regions and countries, including the Dato Sri, the Director of Foreign Affairs from Malaysia, bankers from Spain, and the Supervisor Chairman of International Exchange Association of Chinese from Taiwan enjoyed this grand event.


By keeping an eye on the world, First Gold is moving towards the global markets. During the opening speech, First Gold representatives shared their visits in different regions, such as the U.S., Australia, Taiwan and Indonesia, in order to explore other overseas markets and strengthen the development of the international financial market. Meanwhile, First Gold had consolidated the derivative financial markets in the Greater China and Cambodia, establishing and achieving the prosperous future based on a concrete foundation.


In order to make the night even more memorable, Mr. Wayne Lai, the renowned Hong Kong star who had been awarded the "Best TV Actor in a Leading Role" for three years, was also invited to the banquet to share successful experiences with First Gold representatives on stage. Through his perseverance and professionalism, Mr. Wayne Lai reached the peak in his acting career and became one of the best actors in Hong Kong, with his excellent and vivid presentation of the character “Chai Gau”. As shared by First Gold representatives, the secrets of First Gold success are by upholding the importance of integrity and trustworthiness, with complete trust on the staff, while being fair, open, and just, as well as providing financial service in line with international standard to clients. All of these components facilitated First Gold to achieve its superior status in the bullion market.


The brilliant performances in the banquet, including Chinese and English pop songs performed by a cappella choir, as well as live performance given by Mr. Andrew Cheung and Mr. Peter Cheung, created a convivial atmosphere for the night. For the finale, Mr. Wayne Lai even performed the theme song of "Rosy Business", "Red Butterfly", and the famous Chinese song, "Hard Work for Success", bringing the most enjoyable moment to the guests. First Gold wishes the partners will develop prosperous businesses and achieve every spectacular goal.