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"Arsenal Consulting – Do the Right Thing Special Sharing Event" 
Grand Hyatt Hong Kong

Upholding the principle of "credit comes first", First Gold is committed to providing its clients with a secure and reliable investment environment where privacy is guaranteed, keeping accounts and personal information of the clients as highly confidential. Arsenal Consulting - Do the Right Thing Special Sharing Event, which was fully supported by First Gold, was held on 31 July, 2014 at Grand Hyatt Hong Kong where guests and the press gathered together to share their views on technology crimes.

Mr. Mark Spencer, the President of Arsenal Consulting, shared how he managed to identify many fabricated documents, created opportunities for 236 Turkish families to reunite, safeguarded their rights of equal interrogation and promoted universal values such as equality and justice by means of technology.

First Gold staff also volunteered in the activity. They all wished to express their gratitude to Arsenal Consulting for its contribution to safeguarding governance of law and justice by means of professional technology and promoting public awareness of Internet safety and technology crimes.

Mr. Tony Taylor, the President of High Technology Crime Investigation Association, and Mr. Paul Taylor, the Vice President, were also present to offer support and shared their ideas about science and technology security and ways to make the Internet a safer place during the cocktail party with Mr. Mark Spencer, the keynote speaker, Well & Well Financial Holdings Group as well as First Gold and other attendants.

Offering computer and digital forensic services, Arsenal Consulting provides its clients with reliable data by means of detection, analysis and electronic evidence preservation technologies and helps them with complex and sophisticated security issues.

"Arsenal Consulting – Do the Right Thing Special Sharing Event"