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First Gold and Xinhua News Agency Hosted "Gold and Currency Summit Forum" 
Grand Hyatt Hong Kong

First Gold and Xinhua News Agency jointly held a large-scale forum, "Gold and Currency Summit Forum", in the Grand Ballroom, Grand Hyatt Hong Kong on October 19, 2015 for the first time. Hundreds of financiers, experts and scholars of the industry gathered together at the forum to explore the opportunities arising during the internationalization of gold and RMB. The emcee star Ms. Astrid Chan acted as the host of the forum.


Xinhua News Agency is the largest media organization in China while First Gold is an outstanding company in the precious metals investment service industry. The discussion platform established by the two parties drew profound insights concerning gold and currency among the attendees, which promoted the future development of the industry. On that day a number of media from Mainland China and Hong Kong were attracted there to report the grand event.


The distinguished guests who attended the forum upon invitation included Mr. Ju Mengjun, the Director of Xinhua News Agency (Hong Kong Branch), Mr. Steven Chan, the President of the Chinese Gold & Silver Exchange Society, Well & Well Financial Holdings Group, and Mr. Wen Xinnian, the General Manager of Xinhua News Agency (Hong Kong Branch). The distinguished guests attending the forum and delivering keynote speeches were also important figures, including Prof. Terence Tai-Leung Chong, the Standing Director of the Institute of Global Economics and Finance of the Chinese University of Hong Kong and Siyuan Chair Professor of Nanjing University, Dr. Wilson Chan, the Adjunct Professor of Department of Economics and Finance of College of Business of City University of Hong Kong, Mr. Ouyang Huansong, the General Manager of Qianhai Financial Assets Transaction Department of Industrial and Commercial Bank of China, Mr. Jiang Linqiang, the Vice General Manager and Managing Director of Forward Exchange Transaction of Jiaotong International Securities Co., Ltd., First Gold, Mr. Yu Weiqiang, a Senior Vice President of Xinhua Finance Agency, Mr. Yang Hao, the Vice President of China Construction Bank (Asia), and Mr. Hung Sheunghang, the Director of Mirror Post, etc.

Mr. Steven Chan said in his keynote speech that the launching of Shanghai-Hong Kong Gold Connect deepened the integration of onshore and offshore investors and funds, facilitated the transformation of the international board trading from regional trading to international trading, and had a very positive influence on the balance of international gold prices. First Gold representative remarked that Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank provided sovereign loans, equity investment and guarantees for the infrastructure in Asian sovereign states, diversifying the international investment of RMB; as European countries joined the founding members, the RMB businesses could be opened in Europe; in additional, the launching of RMB Gold Bar significantly enhanced the relation between RMB and gold, which was favorable for the internationalization of RMB. His witty and humorous expression amused the distinguished guests at the venue, bringing unceasing laughter to the forum. His words also reflected his far-sightedness and keen insight.


In the afternoon, Mr. Ju Mengjun hosted the thought-provoking discussion session that focused on topics such as "The Future Development of the Gold Market in Hong Kong and Mainland China" and "The Current Situation, Prospect and Opportunities of RMB Internationalization". First Gold representative expressed his opinion that the RMB Gold Bar and Shanghai-Hong Kong Gold Connect launched by the Chinese Gold & Silver Exchange Society played a positive role in advancing the internationalization of RMB, and helped to connect the gold market in Mainland China and Hong Kong, promote the integration and development of the financial industry in Mainland China and Hong Kong, and expand the global market. During the specially-designed Q&A session, the distinguished guests were fully involved in the active interaction and heated discussion. At last, the forum came to a satisfactory close.

First Gold and Xinhua News Agency Hosted "Gold and Currency Summit Forum"