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First Gold Charity Fund sponsors World Vision's "Spring Charity Walk for Children" Limitless Edition to support Afghan children and families 
Hong Kong

First Gold Charity Fund has sponsored the "Spring Charity Walk for Children" organized by World Vision Hong Kong for three consecutive years. This year, World Vision Hong Kong continues its fundraising event in a brand new virtual way to overcome the geographic restrictions. Therefore, First Gold Charity Fund actively supported the new concept “Limitless Edition”, enrolling friends from all over the world to participate in this meaningful event such as Hong Kong, Taiwan. The nine-day event attracted more than 300 participants, giving a memorable and fruitful ending for the event.


In the Closing Ceremony and Prize Presentation, World Vision Hong Kong awarded a certificate of appreciation to Mr. Victor Tsang, the representative of the First Gold Charity Fund, commending the First Gold Charity Fund on actively supporting charitable events and helping the underprivileged communities under the COVID-19 pandemic. “Sometimes if we take the initiative and go one step further, it will not only bring warmth to those in need, but also act as a role model to others, just like our charity fund's vision that taking the lead to do good deeds," said Mr. Tsang.


Under coronavirus pandemic, event provided a more flexible way of participation. Participants could choose outdoors or indoors sports activities based on their personal preferences and circumstances. Although the activity method was different from the past, there was no hindrance to the participation and support from the warm-hearted persons. During the event, participants completed a target number of steps which was equivalent to six kilometers through different exercises to experience the life of Afghan children who have to walk long distances to fetch water every day. The funds raised from this event will support World Vision Hong Kong in providing water conservancy facilities, food security and livelihood improvement in Afghanistan, assisting the families and children who have lost their livelihoods and homes due to adverse environmental conditions to rebuild their lives.


As a charity for international relief and development work, World Vision Hong Kong makes good use of donations to bring positive and sustainable changes to children, families and communities living in poverty. Currently, over 100 regional development projects are supported by the child sponsorship program in more than 20 countries around the world, providing opportunities for more than 200,000 sponsored children to revamp their lives.


Established in 2016, First Gold Charity Fund adheres to the principle of leading society to help the underprivileged, by shouldering its social responsibility and caring for public welfare. With a strong belief in “It is more blessed to give than to receive” and the motto of “Sharing love, giving love, having love—To Be Love”, the Fund provides care to people in need and sows the seeds of love in every corner around the world.

First Gold Charity Fund sponsors World Vision's "Spring Charity Walk for Children" Limitless Edition to support Afghan children and families