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First Gold meets with multiple authorities to promote the development of local derivatives market in Myanmar 
Yangon, Myanmar

On March 6, First Gold management led a team to go to Myanmar to have in-depth exchanges with representatives from local government authorities, top-level companies and well-known universities. The exchanges focusing on the development of the Myanmar derivatives trading market and sharing experience of the group development and outstanding achievements in financial industry over the past 40 years.

Earlier in the day, the representatives of First Gold attended the financial seminar at Yangon University of Economics and gave honorable speech to a hundred of finance post graduates. The seminar started with an opening speech delivered by Mr. Thet Htun Oo, Executive Senior Manager of the Yangon Stock Exchange. Also, numbers of prominent speakers joined the seminar from all over the world, including the United States, Dubai, Japan, Myanmar, Cambodia and Hong Kong in which the speakers can take the precious opportunity to discuss finance-related topics together.

During the seminar, the guest speakers shared their rich knowledge and industry experience, followed by a heated discussion on the global financial market trend. They also encouraged the audiences to bridge the gap of practical experience and theoretical knowledge. The audiences showed agreement and actively raised questions and comments during the interactive session. The representatives of First Gold stated particularly in his speech that, Myanmar economic environment has been rising day by day which demonstrating its huge potential. The presentation of the speech was so lively and has deeply attracted the audiences.
After that, First Gold, New World Financial Group, Cambodian Derivatives Exchange and Securities and Exchange Commission of Myanmar (“SECM”) have concluded a fruitful meeting to outline a strategic plan and roadmap on Myanmar finance market development. “With full support from Myanmar regulatory authorities, we are confident to make much headway for the derivatives market in the ASEAN, bridging to link up investments between Myanmar and other countries.” Said Mr. U Min Htike Aung, New World Financial Group Managing Director.

The representatives of First Gold pointed out that, this meeting has set a solid ground that further strengthened the cooperation with SECM to work on setting regulations and to introduce international trading standard for the market. He looks forward that the close cooperation between two parties would bring effective results to Myanmar financial market, and believed that the Myanmar derivatives market would develop rapidly in the near future.

First Gold meets with multiple authorities to promote the development of local derivatives market in Myanmar