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First Gold 2020 Annual Dinner “Green Oasis” 
Sofitel Phnom Penh Phokeethra, Cambodia

The First Gold 2020 Annual Dinner was held under the theme of "Green Oasis" on 17 January 2020 at Sofitel Phnom Penh Phokeethra, Cambodia. The venue of the international event was packed with thousands of overjoyed guests across the world, including Italy, the United States, Spain, France, Australia, Indonesia, Myanmar, Cambodia, Malaysia, China, Macau, Taiwan, etc.

The theme of this year’s annual dinner "Green Oasis" symbolizes that in the face of the challenging and unpredictable desert-like landscape of the market, the team still endeavors to provide customers with professional and reliable investment services, just like a fruit-bearing oasis. The Company's tenacity and resolute business philosophy are also implied in the metaphor. In the future, First Gold will continue to explore new opportunities and collaborate with major partners.

During the dinner, the guests attended were inspired by the "oasis" theme and dressed up in nature-inspired attire, which made the dinner blooming with colors. Cambodian cuisine was served for the night, while performances of folk dance were brought on the stage, with professional dancers presenting the traditional culture of Cambodia gracefully. In the speech, the management looked back on the company’s achievements over the past year and praised fellow colleagues for their contribution and hard work. The guests not only gathered together to enjoy a glamorous night, but also wished for the success of the annual dinner and the company’s business in the coming year, in the midst of the lavishly green venue teeming with New Year wishes.

Besides, Cambodian popular singer Sokun Nisa was also invited to perform. Her singing brought the event to life and to a climax. As always, the annual dinner has an award session, during which outstanding achievements of employees and teams in the past year are recognized and rewarded. The awards include "The Best Attendance Award", "The Industrious Champion Award", "The Best Team Spirit Award", "The Best Performance Award", "The Excellence in Improvement Award", "The Best Sales Growth Award" and "The Best Service Award". Honored and encouraged, winners and their teams pledged to continue their efforts in contributing to the company and its major customers.

In addition to the award session, there were also a table prize session and lucky draw. While every guest could bring home a table prize, the most anticipated lucky draw brought the event to another climax. With a total value of more than HK$500,000, the prizes include high-tech electronic products, luxury watches and jewelries, a 3-day round trip to Angkor Wat for 2 persons, cash awards and many other prizes as well.

Before the dinner came to an end, the management delivered a speech on stage, encouraging the company to carry forward its ambition to success and climb to another pinnacle in the coming year. The management then raised a toast to everyone and the event finally concluded in joyful ambience.