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First Gold meet with different market leaders in Dubai and deliberate the corporation direction in the future 
Dubai, United Arab Emirates

First Gold management went to Dubai meet with the market leaders including Emirates financial service provider ADSS, international financial services provider Equiti Group Ltd, retail forex providers IG Markets Group in three consecutive days. Within the meetings, First Gold explored with them the future corporation plans of derivatives trading and the collaborative development targets and plans.


First Gold management met with ADSS first. ADSS is the largest brokerage in Emirates which provides services to the central bank, management and hedge fund company. ADSS is also offering online trading, investment, wealth management and asset management services for institutional, private and retail clients. It also provides investment markets analysis on CNBC, Bloomberg, and CNBC Arabiya. In the meeting, Mr. Hasan Hamd, Senior Institutional Sales Manager of ADSS, discussed with First Gold about the expectation to create a Chinese community of businessmen and develop in Dubai in bid to attract global investors to the local financial industry. It would lead to more trading volumes and capitals which is not limited to investment in other fields for example tourism, manufacturing, and construction and real estate, etc. Within the meeting, both parties also show their passion on advancing the financial market development, particularly Emirates’ derivatives trading market.


After the previous day itinerary, First Gold management met with representatives of Equiti Group Ltd. Equiti Group is a leading international financial services providers of Forex and CFD liquidity with branches locating in the Middle East, North America, Europe, and the Asia Pacific regions. Equiti Group sent out representatives to attend the meeting including, Mr. Mohammed Isbeer and Mr. Hormoz Faryar, Global Head of Brokerage Sales and Global Head-Institutional Sales respectively. During the meeting, the two sides pinpointed the plan to open up a community of investors in the Emirates and further establish the partnership. First Gold and Equiti Group Ltd will show strong partnership, gather different international partner in order to strengthen the development of Emirates’ derivatives market.


On the next following day, First Gold management ended up the Dubai journey after meeting with IG Markets Group. IG Markets Group is one of the largest retail forex providers in Europe possessing over 40 years of experience in financial markets. Mr. Adam Dance, Head of IG Dubai (Senior Executive Officer) as a representative of IG Markets Group to join the meeting. At the meeting, First Gold management firstly introduced the background and development process of the group. They also shared the groups’ development direction and the targets of exploring international markets. The two parties affirmed a long-term partnership with each other. Looking forward to the future, First Gold and IG markets Group will jointly bring more opportunities to the Asia-Pacific region by means of their rich expertise and experience.


Throughout a series of visits, First Gold will stably proceed to the international level financial company. While developing the group’s overseas business, it will also enhance the development of international derivative market and rise the trading standard of financial industry. In the light of corporation with various market leaders, First Gold will grab the opportunities to make new era on financial sector.

First Gold meet with different market leaders in Dubai and deliberate the corporation direction in the future