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First Gold management senior interviewed by NICE TV channel of Cambodia’s Ministry of Interior 
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First Gold management was invited by the NICE TV channel of Cambodia’s Ministry of Interior for an interview for presenting to audience and investors the history of the Group and Hong Kong's unique advantages in ASEAN countries under the Belt and Road Initiative. With years of profound experience in investment, the management also shared its professional insights on the potential development of ASEAN countries and on financial investment.

The interview started with First Gold management’s sharing of the development history of the Group and the Company, following was the introduction of its scope of business operations as well as the development of the team. The Group has entered the Southeast Asian market since 20 years ago, including providing property development and property leasing services in Thailand by Excellent Development (Thailand) Company Limited. In the past years, the Group has also set foot in several ASEAN countries, such as Vietnam, Laos, Myanmar, Cambodia, Indonesia, etc., to develop the markets and explore business opportunities in their core development regions.

When it comes to the advantages of Hong Kong in making first move concerning the current macro-development opportunities, First Gold management pointed out that the Belt and Road Initiative is an important development path for the Chinese government in the new era, while Hong Kong, being a special administrative region of China, acts as an important junction for constructing the Belt and Road Initiative. Location, an open and free economic market, and the uniqueness of Hong Kong’s highly specialised service industry, including expertise, talents and service quality, all of which reach world-class standards, have been the advantages of the city. Take the financial industry as an example. Hong Kong's profound experience in international finance and asset management will provide strong support for the financial development of major countries along the Belt and Road Initiative. These advantages lay a good foundation for Hong Kong to seize new opportunities and outline new developments.

During the interview, First Gold management also shared his views on the potential of its future development in ASEAN market. As ASEAN is one of the key areas in the Belt and Road Initiative, it shall be a battleground for many enterprise to compete for business opportunities. The macroeconomic policy of the world has also brought great development opportunities and space in the region. Despite the relatively low overall level of economic and financial development in ASEAN at this stage, these favorable factors will continue to boost the growth momentum of the overall economy, and empower the region with a huge potential and high resilience. However, First Gold management believed that along with investment opportunities there also comes with implicit problems, such as political, economic, legal and cultural differences. Due to this sort of problems, it is necessary for investors to take government policy, fund security, business environment and industry support into major consideration before making investment decisions. The management suggested investors to study carefully and consider deeply their ability to withstand such investment risks, as well as to seek for proactive advice from reliable partners and enterprises before making any investment decisions on any projects or products. For investors who are seeking for long-term return, it is necessary for them to explore more the local community environment, and establish friendly cooperative relations to create a better future.

As a group and company with rich investment experience in various countries around the world, especially in ASEAN, we shall adhere to the national Belt and Road Initiative and continue to leverage Hong Kong’s role of being the bridge for constructing the Maritime Silk Road in the new era. Through strengthening economic and financial cooperation with ASEAN districts, we will promote stable economic and trade development and achieve win-win cooperation!

First Gold management senior interviewed by NICE TV channel of Cambodia’s Ministry of Interior