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First Gold Charity Fund Sponsors Expedition 180 hosted by World Vision 
The Clearwater Bay Golf & Country Club

First Gold Charity Fund continued to support and sponsor Expedition 180 of the year. Hosted by World Vision Hong Kong, the fundraising event attracted more than 800 parents and children as attendees. Through a series of experiential activities, participants were able to learn more about the challenging living conditions faced by South Sudanese refugees. Volunteers of the First Gold Charity Fund show their support to this unique activity and brought their relatives and friends.

South Sudan’s civil war broke out in 2013. Since then, local warfare and conflicts have been causing nearly 2 million people to become homeless. Children become vulnerable to malnutrition and other diseases due to the lack of food, clean water and hygiene facilities. There is no time to lose, but a pressing need for humanitarian work. This fundraising event included family adventure activities and workshops, where volunteers experienced the life of South Sudanese families and children under the civil war, such as fleeing, searching for food, working as a laborer and building temporary camps. Funds raised in the event will go to support World Vision's integrated health and water, sanitation and hygiene (WASH) projects in South Sudan to provide assistance to children and families in need.

As a charity for international relief and development work, World Vision Hong Kong makes good use of donations to bring positive and sustainable changes to children, families and communities living in poverty. Currently, over 100 regional development projects are supported by the child sponsorship program in more than 20 countries around the world, providing opportunities for more than 200,000 sponsored children to transform their lives.

Established in 2016, First Gold Charity Fund adheres to the principle of leading society to hlp the underprivileged, by shouldering its social responsibility and caring for public welfare. With a strong belief in Giving is better than receiving and the motto of Sharing love, giving love, having love—To Be Love, the Fund provides care to people in need around the world and sows the seeds of love in every corner.