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First Gold visits Yangon Stock Exchange and delivers an exciting and inspiring talk  
Yangon Stock Exchange, Myanmar

On 15 January, 2019, First Gold management led a delegation to Yangon Stock Exchange in Myanmar and received a warm welcome from local officials. Invited as guests of honour, First Gold management delivered a talk to reinforce the confidence and determination of local government officials in developing standardised services and regulations of the financial industry.

The event was a star-studded occasion, gathering not only members from the Securities and Exchange Commission of Myanmar and Yangon Stock Exchange, but also over 30 Myanmar government officials from different professional fields. During the conference talk, First Gold management summarised the company's core values and advantages, stating that the solid foundation of the group and the company is not by accident, but a fruitful result by endorsing the business philosophy of ‘honesty and integrity’, which has earned them a worldwide reputation and made them the leader in the field.

The mission of First Gold is to promote the ASEAN financial market to an international level. Coming to Myanmar, First Gold management highlighted the huge potential of Myanmar in setting up local derivatives exchange. Through strict regulations and adherence to market trading standards, Myanmar will be more than capable of creating a healthy financial system, attracting overseas investors and boosting employment rate. First Gold management also shared with the audience on case studies in relation to cooperation between First Gold and other ASEAN countries. In particular, First Gold Management made an insightful analysis on the advantage of the derivatives trading with just few words - ‘large, small, simple, long, short and flexible’. The sharing sparked a living discussion during the conference talk.

Myanmar is a country with a profound history of civilisation and its geographical location forms a close proximity in the northeast with China. In response to the national policy of the Belt and Road Initiative, First Gold executes a brand-new international cooperation model. The visit marks an important milestone in bridging the cooperation between China and Myanmar and initiating the industrial development of the China-Myanmar derivatives market. First Gold looks forward to offering support to Myanmar and more ASEAN countries in their financial market development, and working together towards realising a new peak of excellence ahead of the world.

First Gold visits Yangon Stock Exchange and delivers an exciting and inspiring talk