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23-25 January 2019 – Myanmar Delegation Visited Hong Kong and the Headquarters of First Gold 
Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Center, First Gold

On 23-25 January, First Gold was honoured to invite a delegation composed of Myanmar government agencies and enterprises as well as members of corporations to Hong Kong for a visit and exchange programme. It lasted 3 days, with a total of 10 key commissioners of the delegation, namely members of the Securities and Exchange Commission of Myanmar, Executive Senior Managers of Administration and Assistant Manager of Market department of the Yangon Stock Exchange, Chairman of the Summit Palace, Managing Director and Director of the New World Financial Group. By drawing on Hong Kong's rich development experience, the exchange programme aimed to link Hong Kong with Myanmar's government agencies, business elites and professionals to support the growth of Myanmar derivatives trading market and thus the entire financial industry.

Accompanied by the management of First Gold, the Myanmar delegation attended the “iFX EXPO Asia Hong Kong 2019” during the visit and participated in the CEO panel discussion titled “The Industry’s 2019 in Asia and Beyond”. During the discussion, the Managing Director of First Gold was the only Asian representative invited to deliver a speech. While fully demonstrating our Managing Director's confidence in the future economic development of ASEAN countries, his speech also reflected his belief that the financial market in the region is full of possibilities. The group would actively respond to the national “Belt and Road Initiative” and strive to bridge Hong Kong and Myanmar in support and development of economic growth in near future. His forward-looking and unique analysis was in particular remarkable and won a warm round of applause from the audiences.

In order to deepen the understanding on Hong Kong and global derivatives trading markets, the Myanmar delegation also conducted a comprehensive study on the exhibitors and the entire industry during the Expo. The management of First Gold suggested that if Myanmar can grasp the opportunities to develop and promote the regionalization process of the derivatives trading market as soon as possible, it will have a huge impact on Myanmar's economic development and progress as well as the overall prosperity of ASEAN.

During their stay in Hong Kong, the management of First Gold invited the Myanmar delegation to visit First Gold’s headquarters in Hong Kong and briefed the delegates on the development history and major achievements of the company and the Group. The two parties exchanged information and views on the development of the current global financial industry during the meeting, especially on the derivatives trading market. The mutually beneficial cooperation opportunities is the highlight of the discussion, while the importance of the bilateral relationship between Hong Kong and ASEAN, including Myanmar, was stressed to reassure the exchange programme’s achievement and value. Meanwhile, the delegation’s determination in promoting the derivatives trading market in Myanmar were reinforced.

23-25 January 2019 – Myanmar Delegation Visited Hong Kong and the Headquarters of First Gold