There are two ways to apply for withdrawal.

1. The Client can log into Online Client Center to apply for withdrawal.

2. The Client can download Request for Withdrawal Form from our website, print it and complete all the information

required, and submit it to the Client service representatives.

Under the following circumstances, we will charge administration fee:

1. When the Client effects payment via online deposit, the payment platform will charge 3% of the amount as the administration fee, which we will advance for the Client. When the transaction lots meet our conditions, we will favour the Client by exempting him/her from administration fee. If the transaction lots do not meet our conditions, we will deduct the administration fee on withdrawal.

For example, the Client needs to make one lot of transaction for depositing USD1,000.

The Client needs to make 2 lots of transaction for depositing USD2,000.

The Client needs to make 2.3 lots of transaction for depositing USD2,280 and so on.

2. When the Client withdraws less than USD50, we will charge USD5 as the administration fee.
The Client need to take a screenshot of the debit records with his/her online banking (Name of the Client, amount of payment, time of payment and name of the bank must be shown in the screenshot.) and submit it to the Client service representatives for further processing.
The Client may deposit money with any bank card registered with his/her name.
We have the right to charge 3% or 4.5% of the payment amount as administration fee and after confirmation with the Client, the deposit will be returned to the payer's bank account. Processing of refund will take ten business days.
We do not accept payment from bank account of a third party or cash deposited by a third party.
The Client may deposit into our account opened with the HSBC (The Hong Kong and Shanghai Banking Corporation Limited) in Hong Kong by cross-border remittance, telegraphic transfer processed at the bank, online transfer, etc. The information of our bank account is listed as below:
Name of the bank: The Hong Kong and Shanghai Banking Corporation Limited (香港上海匯豐銀行有限公司)
Account Name: First Asia Merchants Bullion Ltd
Account Number: 813-218328-838 (USD) (HKD)


Address of the Bank: G/F Hay Wah Building, 71-85B Hennessy Road, Wanchai, Hong Kong

Remarks: Please specify on the remittance/transfer vouchers the account number, name and telephone number related to the credited transaction account (if there is no opened account, specify only the correct name and telephone number), and send it to our email cs@firstbullion.com. Third-party deposit of any form is unacceptable.
The transfer may be delayed due to the following reasons:
1.)  The payer is a third party authorised by the Client.
2.)  The Client has filled in wrong personal information when effecting payment, including (name, transaction account).
3.)  If the payment was effected via online deposit during holidays, the amount will be deposited to the Clients' account in office hours.
4.)  If the payment was effected via telegraphic transfer (T/T) or cross-border remittance, it will take three business days for the amount to be credited to the account.
5.)  The Client failed to submit the screenshot or stubs of successful payment/transfer.
(If the payment is effected by remittance, T/T, cross-border remittance or online deposit via Visa/Master cards, the Client is required to submit screenshot or stub of successful payment/transfer.)
Online payment is available at any time.
At present Visa or Master cards, issued by overseas banks are acceptable, while Visa or Master cards issued by banks of mainland China are unacceptable.