About Partnership
We accept either individual or corporation application for joining in.
Change of Information
The Client can retrieve password in the following ways:
1.)  If the Client forgot his/her password for transaction, he/she can request to reset the password at the "Rest Password" in the Online Client Service Center.
2.)  The Client can also turn directly to the Client service representatives for help (contact the Client service representatives via our QQ account or telephone number), who may inform their colleagues and help the Client with resetting password.
After receiving the request, we will make telephone verification with the Client as soon as possible and then send the new password to the registered email of the Client.
Change of Information
The modified personal information will be effective after the Client have finished our telephone verification.
Change of Information
To ensure accuracy of the Clients' information, no shared telephone number or email is accepted. When information has been used or registered by one Client, application with identical information will not be accepted.
Change of Information

Any change of Clients’ personal information shall come into effect after telephone verification with the Client service


Change of Information
There are two ways to change your personal information:
1.)  The Client can log into Online Client Center to apply for change of personal information.
2.)  The Client can download Request for Change of Personal Information Form on our website, complete and submit it to the Client service representatives.
If the Client deposits money with Visa/Master cards, he/she may apply for withdrawal one month after effecting deposit. Besides, the transaction lots shall be sufficient, or we will charge 4.5% of the deposit amount as administration fee (For the calculation of lots, please refer to A1).
Under the following circumstances, telephone verification is required for withdrawal:
1.)  Administration fee is charged on withdrawal;
2.)  The withdrawal amount is over USD5,000;
3.)  The available amount at the transaction account is less than the withdrawal amount requested;
4.)  The Client has chosen to credit in a currency other than the local currency
5.)  The Client has applied for withdrawal for over one time.
6.)  The Client has requested to cancel the withdrawal.

The reasons are listed as follows:

1. If the credited bank is in mainland China, the amount will be credited at 6:00p.m.-7:00p.m the same day or before 12p.m. of the subsequent business day, depending on the efficiency of the bank.

2. If the credited bank is an overseas one, as cross-border processing is required in such situation, it will usually take no less than three business days for the amount to be credited, depending on the country where the credited bank is located.

The request for withdrawal submitted by Clients after 12:00p.m. will be processed on the next business day.