Trading Platform
There are usually two reasons: 
Incorrect password. If it is indicated that your account is
1. invalid, it means you have entered an incorrect password, as shown on the right.   
2. Incorrect selection of the server. If "Common error" is indicated at the lower right corner of MT4, it
means you have selected the wrong server, as shown on the right.  
When the transmission speed is shown, it means you have been successfully connected to the platform.  

Online Client Service Center
Three factors will lead to log-in failure: 
1.    Incorrect account
2.    Incorrect password
3.    Incorrect verification code

Online Client Service Center
After opening an account, the Client will receive a password letter from the Online Client Service Center, which contains a default password of eight digits.
Online Client Service Center
It has four major functions. You may refer to your registration information
1.    Request for change of personal information
2.    Online withdrawals
3.    Change password for Online Client Center and request for resetting MT4 password
4.    Online deposit
About Partnership
Only Partnerships are recruited, and there is no position like a contact.
About Partnership
The Client is required to provide the name of advertiser and code number of the partnership, and then inquire with online Client service representatives via our QQ or Client Service Hotline.
About Partnership
Commission is paid by month. Commission for each month will be paid on the tenth day of the subsequent month, but the payment will be postponed to the subsequent business day if it falls on holidays or weekends.
About Partnership
As long as you are at or over 18 years old, you can submit an initial application and then the Marketing Department will contact you for further details.
About Partnership

Complete application information under "Join Us"à"Application for Partnership” on our website. The Marketing Department will contact applicants to discuss about the partnership within three business days.

About Partnership
All corporations except privately or individually-owned business are entitled to apply for our partnership. Privately or individually-owned business whose line of business concerns with investment information consultation or business information consultation are also entitled to apply for our partnership.