First Gold Products

Spot Precious Metal Contract

Spot Precious Metal Contract

Spot precious metal contract is one of the most common investment instruments in the world, with reasonable leverage ratio and flexible operation, providing excellent investment experience for investors!

交易商品Quantity per contractPrice unitMinimum Price FluctuationInitial margin per contract
Spot Gold(LLG)100 OunceUSD/安士0.1 USD2%每手合約
Spot Silver(LLS)5000 OunceUSD/安士0.01 USD2%每手合約

Spot Gold

Spot Precious Metal Contract

The world's first offshore RMB gold product

CGSE accredited refining 9999 1 Kilo Gold 

5-Tael 9999 Gold

Exquisitely made, with high value of collection, 5-Tael 9999 Gold Bar is a souvenir product memorising the 100th anniversary of the CGSE. It is going to be a great commercial success, in both public banks and dealers, being extremely attractive to investors. Each gold bar is 5 tael in weight (Hong Kong metering system) with a popular entering amount of physical gold products. 

It is available for trading with a price as low as several hundred thousand Hong Kong dollars, with the most preferential trading cost including administration fees among similar gold products. Like Renminbi Kilobar Gold, it is verified by the CGSE as a 999.9 fine gold product based on international standards.

First Gold Coin

First Gold Coin is a brand-new 999.9 fine gold coin jointly developed by First Gold and Argor-Heraeus, a famous Swiss gold refinery founded in 1951, for the Greater China market. Leading the world in technology as one of the three largest refineries in the world, Argor-Heraeus cooperates for the first time with an Asian company in producing gold coins. Each First Gold Coin is provided with a certificate issued by Argor-Heraeus. In addition to weight and purity of gold coins, CEO of Argor-Heraeus gives an endorsement at the back of the certificate, certifying that quality thereof meets the highest standard of quality in the world and is accredited by international banks.

Each gold coin is casted with an independent number, endowing it with the same uniqueness as paper money. The back of First Gold Coin is casted with colorful stripes hiding KINEGRAM label, the most advanced optical anti-counterfeiting label in the world. KINEGRAM is widely applied to safe preservation and anti-counterfeiting of paper money and government documents such as passport. Argor-Heraeus is the only refinery in the world allowed to apply KINEGRAM technique to gold coins, making First Gold Coin a rare product in the industry implanted with cutting-edge technology in addition to its exquisite appearance and advanced manufacturing process, thus indicating its high value.

All manufacturing processes of First Gold Coin including casting, certification and packaging are completed in Switzerland and then directly delivered to Hong Kong. The front of such gold coins is casted with SWISS GOLD, suggesting gold coins accredited by Switzerland to be made there. According to the new Swiss label law enforced on March 1, 2014, "SWISS" pattern cannot be used without the approval of the Swiss government. So far, Argor-Heraeus is the only gold refinery with the approval of Switzerland on the use of "SWISS GOLD" pattern.

This product is going to be a great commercial success and was sold out in several days upon marketing. Different Greater China clients keeps purchasing and inquiring, resulting in a massive upsurge in investment.