1979-2008 Powerful Financial Leader

First Asia Merchants Bullion Limited, referred to as "First Gold", is a financial business initiated by Well & Well Financial Holdings Group. The group was established in 1979 and has a history of more than 40 years.

First Gold, formerly known as Weal & Well Bullion, was established in Hong Kong in 1991. First Gold is a member of the Bullion Group Member of the Hong Kong Gold and Silver Exchange Society (CGSE) , with the membership of the AA License (No. 114), is also a CGSE accredited gold refinery, including 9999 One Kilo Gold and 5 Taels Gold. In addition, First Gold is recognized e-trading member, specializing in RMB Kilobar Gold, 99 Taels Gold, spot gold and silver trading. It has been providing professional and reliable bullion trading services to clients all around the world.

2009-2010 Honest and Reliable with Authoritative Certification

First Gold cooperates with China Credit Research Center of Peking University to jointly set up Institute of Credit and Law (ICL), aiming to optimize the social credit system of the city and society, and strive to explore the modes and road of China’s social credit construction. The institute is aimed to offer all-rounded theoretical support and practical services to serve the construction of China's social credit system. 


In addition, for the annual "China Credit 4.16 Summit Forum" co-organized with Peking University, First Gold will send researchers to Beijing to attend with leaders of the National Committee of the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference, members of the Standing Committee of the National People's Congress, and the dean of Peking University.


With more than 30 years of rich experience in the financial field, the management of First Gold has been invited by the main identification institution to attend the forum for many years, and gather together with well-known experts and scholars to discuss the development prospects of the social credit system.

2011-2013 Authoritative Peers in the Financial Economy Industry

As a leader in the industry, First Gold shoulders the responsibility of leading the development, actively and closely cooperates with national and international leading units, well-known higher education institutions, and financial institutions, also holds many international-level financial forums and seminars. In addition, First Gold also participates in various large-scale wealth management expos in China every year and visits key cities such as Shanghai, Guangzhou, Nanjing, and Chongqing to deliver the latest professional financial knowledge to the public.


For many years, First Gold has been committed to assist the development of social credit system and regards the provision of excellent financial services as its own responsibility. Including winning the Best Investment Value Award (BIVA) for 2 consecutive years, awarded the "Most Valuable Service Provider Award" known as the "Oscar Award" in the Hong Kong business community, and the "Outstanding Brand Award" in the category of "Precious Metal Trading" issued by "Economic Digest". Commending the company's outstanding achievements in brand management over the years, witnessing as an outstanding enterprise in the industry, First Gold not only leads to improve the service level of the industry, but also successfully attracts the attention of investors.

2014-2015 Creating Precedent and Continue to Innovate

First Gold has always strived for innovation and progress, has repeatedly created precedents in the industry. Other than becoming the first gold investment company in Hong Kong to offer UnionPay direct payment, in 2014, First Gold officially launched a new gold product - First Gold Credit Gold Coin, which is the first in Hong Kong to incorporate KINEGRAM® cutting-edge anti-counterfeiting technology and is priced in RMB. 100% co-minted by the famous Swiss gold minter Argor-Heraeus creating the 999.9 gold coins. All processes including gold casting, manufacturing certificates and packaging are all made in Switzerland and shipped directly to Hong Kong after completion.

In the same year, First Gold provided the world's first offshore RMB gold product "RMB Kilobar Gold" trading service. It passed the approval of the Hong Kong Gold and Silver Exchange to refine and cast 999.9 fineness of 1 kg gold bars and 5 taels gold bars. RMB Kilobar Gold combined with two advantages of RMB investment and gold investment have witnessed the internationalization of Gold and Silver Exchange: from the 99-gold market to the 999.9 gold transaction.


In addition, First Gold held an international academic forum, and was honored to invite Dr. Ben Bernanke, former chairman of the Federal Reserve Board of the United States and a world-renowned economist, to give an academic exchange on "A Golden Opportunity for a New Reality". In the global economic environment, China's foreign economic development situation expresses valuable opinions. The academic forum is not only a proud initiative of First Gold, but also an important milestone for the entire precious metal industry. Therefore, many well-known international media, such as CNN International News Network, Bloomberg News, Wall Street Journal and so on, were attracted to participate.

2016-2018 Fighting with High Spirit Stepping into International Market

With a solid foundation in China, First Gold upholds a global vision to actively promotes the development of financial trading market at home and abroad through international exchanges and cooperation, creating a safe, fair, and transparent financial investment environment for global investors. In 2016, First Gold and the Securities and Exchange Regulator of Cambodia (SERC) established the Cambodian Derivatives Exchange (CDX). CDX is committed to promote derivatives trading, to continuously improving Cambodian trading standards, and to lead Cambodian financial markets to the world stage.


First Gold spares no effort in its international development journey. The management team often leads a team to visit different countries such as Indonesia, Malaysia, Australia, the United States, Dubai, etc., to meet and communicate with local government agencies and well-known enterprises discussing cooperation plans and common development goals and plans that will fully promote the development of the financial industry and bring new opportunities to global investors.

2019... Hand in Hand Creating Brilliance

With the experiences and outstanding achievements in the development of financial industry over the past 40 years, the management of First Gold is often invited to participate in many international financial discussions, professional forums, meetings, and academic exchanges in different countries such as Indonesia, China, Cambodia, Myanmar and the United Arab Emirates discussing the current status of several global financial markets with various authorities, bringing new directions for the development of multiple global financial markets.


First Gold actively seizes the opportunity to cooperate with many leading economic and financial companies. The business scope continues to expand and is increasingly becoming more diverse. First Gold has successfully led elite teams in real estate and finance to land in Southeast Asian countries where abundant business opportunities are still intact. Including the the establishment of Prestige Homes Cambodia Real Estate in Phnom Penh, the capital of Cambodia. It is committed to selecting high-quality real estate investment projects for local and international investors, providing one-stop services such as property sales, lease and management, and becoming a pivotal development pillar of Cambodian real estate. In addition, First Gold also visited Jakarta, Indonesia as early as 2017 to meet and discuss with government institute to establish friendly relations, laying the foundation for entering the Indonesian financial market. This year, we signed a Memorandum of Understanding on cooperation with Indonesia’s Financial Market Leader PT. Mentari Mulia Berjangka, officially establishing a friendly cooperative partnership, marking that the two parties will work together to promote the development of Indonesia's domestic and overseas financial markets in the future.


Looking into the future, First Gold will continue to cooperate with the "Belt and Road" initiative, strengthening the pace of development, closely connect with diverse partners, and exploring more different possibilities. Focusing especially on ASEAN countries, to promote the vigorous economic development of Hong Kong and Southeast Asia. We firmly believe that on the same road with our partners, we can create extraordinary achievements, reach new peaks, contribute more, and bring huge potential business opportunities to the industry.